A delegation used the panel’s revelations in honour of Gabriel Legard to address the communications centre secretary general. Everyone was talking to them at the end of their lips. A meeting could take place.


Yellow jackets and guilds, we know, has been a bit “loved, nor am I,” since November 17 last year. Existence allows a new illustration to be obtained during a week in Dijon, the KGT on the occasion of their KONFEDRL conference. So on Tuesday night, dozens of yellow jackets went out of the Dijon area to meet Philip Martinez to change a few words. They took the opportunity to move the curtain, by Fran├žois Repsamin and the general secretary of the CGT, a plaque honoring Gabriel Legard and the deportation of Dengones Dochoetz 1942. A) The weak choice that some participants consider “inappropriate.” It must be recognized, however, that if time is not chosen well, the Yellow Jackets did not disturb the ceremony and did not appear otherwise in clothing. No scandal if no accent is installed, but we smell genes in regulators as this cigarette lit by Philip Martinez is shown by sitting back to meet it.
“In some places, unions are not welcome”
The discussion lasted a few minutes, on a hill, and we could hear the exact terms. Then the CGT chief and yellow jackets don’t lay out the same account: Philip Martinez knows the thorny issue and immediately insists “that the debate has gone well, in a good spirit.” ‘ Yellow jackets hope to get close and fight, but I’m forced to tell them the movement is so different it needs to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In some places, unions are not welcomed in yellow jackets, while others are claimed. “Because of the existing yellow jackets, Jerome Gaar explains that the protesters wanted to speak to him at the council conference, which ends on Friday.” This is unplanned, “Philip Martinez replied. “He offered to meet him, but not to the delegates,” Jerome Gailar said. I do not know whether the meeting will be able to do so, and there was no specific date. Time to say it, and Philip Martinez had spun, giving no doubt about his true willingness to receive a delegation.
John Richshow
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