A team of researchers has developed an application capable of detecting infections in the ears.


The infection that affects the ear is painful and can be complicated to diagnose. Worse still, if treated badly, they can cause major hearing impairment, but also learning and speech difficulties. The youngest, who still has a language problem, cannot always put words to the symptoms.
The most common condition is the medium, which is characterized by fluid buildup behind the drum drum. As a result, a team of researchers from the University of Washington developed an application that can detect infections thanks to its smartphone and a simple paper folded by repression, as reported by the Journal of Transitional Sciences.
Once inserted into Loreille, the laptop emits acoustic signals going through a piece of paper. Depending on the echo of the latter’s sound, the application will be able to determine the presence of the liquid behind the drum drum. The accuracy given by the researchers is 85 percent between the ages of 9 months and 17 years. If a problem is identified, parents may decide to take the child to a specialist.
Credits: Dennis Weisz/University of Washington
Cham Gullakota, one of the study’s authors, explains that this application is easy to use.
One of the main advantages of our technology is that it doesn’t require any additional hardware, except paper sheet and application software that works on your smartphone
It also shows what can be useful in medical deserts or poor areas. It is due to be put up for sale in the US soon, but there is no doubt that the company that sells it (Edus Health) wants to offer it to the international one.