International news: The United States-one federal judge ordered the former U.S. analyst sent to prison on Thursday (May 16) for “obstruction of proper conduct of justice.” Chelsea Manning again refused to C …


The freedom that lasted only a few months, since March 8, held by the grand jury jury-consisting of citizens charged with investigating the most serious criminal cases-Chelsea Manning refused to answer his questions about the Al-Yange to answer. At age 31, WikiLeaks returned to prison until last week, when it was released on technical grounds, and the grand jury’s mandate to listen to its end. 
This Thursday, as before the grand jury, she always remade herself. “I’m not going to give up my principles, I’m literally starving to death better than changing my mind,” she said of Trenga’s reign. He replied that there was nothing “diatrite” in the exercise of his civic duty.