Investigators complain of an HIV positive doctor, a prison and repeated use of a contaminated syringe


Virus test on May 9, 2019 at Ratu Dero, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Radwan TABSOM/AFP
In a poor village in Pakistan, parents are eagerly waiting for their children to undergo an exam.
HIV: Hundreds of people in the region were last tested positive, apparently due to a doctor’s repeated use for a contaminated syringe.
Police were dispatched to monitor the tense crowds while families rushed to the analysis centre in Wasayo, near the town of Ercana in Sindh province in the south of the country.
Doctor in custody
Anger and fear are felt in this village, which has been badly hit by hot blood. Authorities say they would currently ignore whether it was serious negligence or the practices of the malicious pediatrician.
Investigators working in the case claim the doctor involved is himself infected with the HIV virus. He was locked in an expanding cell in the city of Radoro and became strict that he had knowingly vaccinated the virus for patients and complained about being held next to ordinary criminals.
Rapid spread of the disease
Pakistan has long been a country with a low prevalence of HIV. But the virus is now spreading at a disturbing rate, especially among drug addicts and sex workers. With some new cases of 20,000 serological registers in 2017 alone, the prevalence of the disease in Pakistan is the second fastest in Asia, according to statistics derived from Lonu.
The country, whose population is growing rapidly, is already suffering from a lack of medical infrastructure that has long been neglected by the authorities. Poor rural communities are particularly vulnerable to questionable doctor’s offices.
600,000 charlatans in the country
“According to some government data, around 600,000 charlatans are active in the country and about 270,000 are active in Sindh province,” the program agency said in a statement.
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District health officials note that patients are particularly vulnerable to contamination and viruses from discoveries. “To save money, these charlatans will equip many patients with a single syringe. That could be the main cause of the multiplication of cases, according to Sikandar Maimon, who heads the Aids program on behalf of the province.
Reuse of syringes
The presence of many scammers, as well as the “reuse of syringes, blood transfusion at risk and other risky medical practices,” have led to the number of HIV infections in recent years, and a beautiful expert in infectious diseases at the Aga Khan University in Karachi has confirmed human health.
“The emergence of bad doctor’s offices without effective controls causes the outbreak of epidemics in Pakistan to be repeated,” Jamil said.
Families disarmed
For the families of the injured, the progress of the investigation is not so much as the access to better information and the treatment needed to prevent the advent of AIDS.
‘ We don’t know what to do. I have other children and I fear they are getting sick, says another mother whose daughter also recently tested positive. “Send us medication to our children so they can be cared for,” she begged. ‘ Otherwise all our kids die, right? ‘