The French union will seek to clear up football alarmed by illusions the development of National 2 “s congress on Saturday between the sportsman and South Jurassic (3-2). “Convinced of his honesty,” the Faro club said, surprised.


Was last Saturday’s match between Toulon and South Jurassic (3-2) arranged? That will be directed by the French Football Federation after a sporting victory and the capital to make its way into the National 1.
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After the progress, one of the jury players would have been contacted before the meeting.
The rumour will be raised to the FFF’s legal department, which, according to our information, will conduct its investigation. The case was assigned to a “disciplinary coach” who would interrogate those affected.
In a communique released at around 2pm on Thursday, sporty Toulon, for his part, said: “I was very surprised, and yet no information about any procedure opened by the FFF, even on the allegations [of progress].”
“The club is convinced of its integrity and hopes it is not a new attempt to destabilise the group, two days of crucial match (Saturday, Monaco),” he added.